Welcome to the Meadow River Valley!  An area immersed in scenic beauty, driven by resilient communities that are forging a brighter tomorrow.   Thank you for visiting.

Meadow River Valley Vision Statement

The Meadow River Valley is a region consisting of the communities in eastern Fayette and western Greenbrier Counties in West Virginia.   The friendly, talented, and hardworking people of the Meadow River Valley communities have worked together to overcome what seemed to be overwhelming obstacles in ways that could not have been done individually. The Meadow River Valley communities have leveraged the regions scenic beauty, rich history, location, and natural resources with entrepreneurial spirit, caring volunteerism, and a lot of divine intervention to:

  • Develop a financially sustainable Meadow River Community Center at the former Rupert Elementary School that provides the region with educational, recreational, spiritual, entertainment, and economic resources and opportunities;
  • Provide safe, nurturing relationships that enable children and families to learn and grow through education, healthy nutrition, and physical activity through the Meadow River Valley Early Childhood Learning (Marvel) Center and Western Greenbrier Farmers Market;
  • Reduce the substance abuse epidemic by providing spiritual and emotional support, workforce training, and structured living environments through programs offered by Meadow River Valley Ministerial Association, God’s Way Home, Fruits of Labor, Rainelle Medical Center, WV Osteopathic Medical School, and many others;
  • Develop and improve recreational and entertainment opportunities such as the Meadow River Rail Trail, Meadow River Water Trail, Meadow River Community Park, and the other parks and community centers in towns and communities such as Dawson, Meadow Bridge, Nallen, Rainelle, Rupert, Smoot, and Quinwood that have attracted visitors and improved the quality of life for the residents of the entire region; and,
  • Create a highly skilled workforce and diversified economy that has enabled the youth of our region to thrive in their local communities by partnering with local businesses and organizations, providing entrepreneurial assistance that has resulted in new business development, funding from philanthropic organizations, and attraction of outside investment from companies that want to give their employees the opportunity to live, work, and play in the Meadow River Valley.

Contact us at info@meadowriver.org to get involved and have a voice in the future of your community.