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Featured Project – Repurposing of the former Rupert Elementary School

The Meadow River Valley Community Center will be a hub for the entire region to access affordable housing, health care, early childhood learning resources, and recreation facilities.  Meadow River Valley Association and their partners, which include the Marvel Center and Rupert Volunteer Fire Department, are working together to repurpose the former Rupert Elementary School Campus in a community focused center to that will benefit every Meadow River Valley community.

In 2019, MRVA, Inc. received a $5,000 FOCUS WV grant that is being used for environmental assessments and an architectural evaluation.  The next step is planning for the proposed clinic on the first floor and housing on the second and third floors of what was originally constructed to house the Rupert High School.

Aeral Image

Rupert Campus Overview – 2-3-2020

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