Meadow River Valley Chamber of Commerce

Want to locate your business to the Meadow River Valley?  Contact us at  There has never been a better time to start or relocate a business to the Meadow River Valley.

The Town of Rainelle recently held a small business summit at the Rainelle Library.  The resiliency of our local business owners has been truly amazing.  During the meeting, the local business leaders expressed an interest in forming a local chamber of commerce that highlighted the great businesses that exist in the Meadow River Valley.  The chamber of commerce would also provide a platform for new businesses to market and gain traction while they get started.  The Meadow River Valley Chamber of Commerce is currently being formed, we encourage you to participate if you own a business in the Meadow River Valley.

To get things started, local businesses will be highlighted on the Meadow River Valley Chamber of Commerce facebook page.

Thankfully, many resources are available including business coaches and marketing assistance.  Email for more information.

You and your ideas are needed!!

Do you have ideas that can improve the communities within the Meadow River Valley? The Meadow River Valley Initiative needs you to participate in one of our local initiative teams and/or our young (under 40) leadership steering committee. This is your forum and your time to impact our communities! This steering committee will be in addition to the initiative teams that are in formation throughout the Meadow River Valley.