MRV Community Center

Meadow River Valley Association’s (MRVA) Blueprint Communities Team is focusing on redevelopment of the former Rupert Elementary School campus in Rupert, West Virginia. The project is possible thanks to the incredible cooperation with the Greenbrier County Board of Education.

The community’s vision is to develop the Meadow River Valley Community Center, which will consist of an early childhood development center, housing, recreational facilities and business incubation space. MRVA and their Blueprint Communities Team has been working with several partners and the community to develop reuse plans for the campus.

Potential future use ideas presented by the community and stakeholders include use of the entire campus as the Meadow River Valley Community Center. It would be a center that would be a gathering place for many resources and opportunities for the entire region. Initial redevelopment includes plans for an early childhood development center (The Marvel Center) and mixed-use recreational facility. The former high school building presents many challenges for redevelopment due to its age and size (approximately 30,000 square feet). MRVA understands that engagement of the community and stakeholders is critical to developing a financially sustainable redevelopment project that is widely supported. Potential future uses identified by the community for the former high school building include affordable housing and senior housing, small business incubation space, educational space, and governmental office space. The Blueprint Communities designation awarded to the Meadow River Valley and managed by MRVA will facilitate access to Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh financing for small business development and housing.

MRVA has completed a Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment at the property.  MRVA has also contracted to have drawings of the former high school building completed, which can be downloaded at:

RUPERT ELEM_Base Drawings_030818