KNOW YOUR ROLE – How to get involved

We would like to thank everyone that has stepped up to offer their time, talents, and treasures in support of the great work in the Meadow River Valley.  Despite all the great things that are happening, it is easy to not know how you can contribute.  Nobody wants to be involved in a group where they feel like they are not contributing.  In an effort to make sure everyone “knows their role”, we would like more information about your interests, goals, and what you have to contribute in the Meadow River Valley.  Some people are great planners, other like to get their hands dirty, and some have the financial resources to support the work of others.  Roles as simple as sharing Facebook posts are needed to help spread the work and keep our momentum going.

Please email us at or use the CONTACT US form to let us know how you want to be involved.  We are all in this together and everyone working together can have a tremendous impact.


Matt Ford, President, Meadow River Valley Association/Blueprint Communities Team Leader

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