MRV Strategic Plan 2020-2025

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE 2020-2025 MRV Strategic Plan WVH040 Blueprint Strategic Plan_MRV

WVH040 Blueprint Strategic Plan_MRV_Page_01

The Meadow River Valley Association, Inc. (MRVA) is releasing its Strategic Plan 2020-2025 for the Meadow River Valley region. This strategic plan focuses on community revitalization and includes a future vision for the community and an action plan to realize the vision. The plan is intended to move forward critical community and economic development areas of work for the Meadow River Valley as well as serve as a resource to encourage coordinated investments by public and private funders.  The entire plan is available at WVH040 Blueprint Strategic Plan_MRV.

The plan was created through a community engagement process, including a series of community gatherings in 2018 and 2019 focused on canvasing residents for input, priorities and need. A cross-section of local businesses, organizations and government entities vested in the Meadow River Valley were also encouraged to provide input and make recommendations for the region’s future.

In support of long-term needs identified in these feedback meetings and the opportunity presented by a vacant school property, transforming the former Rupert Elementary campus to the Meadow River Valley Community Center is the strategic plan’s top, near-term priority. Local residents will work with a MRVA leadership team to achieve this goal and other objectives outlined in the plan.

Key initiatives included in the strategic plan are:
● Objective 1: to pull together a network of partners who support and can aid in the revitalization of the Meadow River Valley.
● Objective 2: to build a project team for the Meadow River Valley Community Center that will join with planning experts to repurpose the former Rupert Elementary School campus.
● Objective 3: to design and implement a plan for the Meadow River Valley Community Center that services the needs of area residents.
● Objective 4: to assemble a coordinated Meadow River Valley volunteer program, matching need with those who want to get involved.



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