Greater Greenbrier Long-Term Recovery Committee, Inc.

GGLTRC is facilitating development of the Meadow River Valley Initiative through their Economic Development Subcommittee.  GGLTRC understands that community and economic development is key to long-term recovery.

Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation

GVEDC has partnered with GGLTRC to assist with development of the Meadow River Valley Initiative.  Their Local Foods, Local Places campaign is a perfect fit and their role as the areas economic development entity is a key part of the future success of the MRV Initiative.

What’s Next, West Virginia?

What’s Next, West Virginia? is a series of conversations that will take place in communities all over the state in the coming year. These conversations are designed to encourage talking, thinking, and actions based on West Virginians’ own ideas for building a more vibrant and diverse economy. The effort is being organized by the WV Center for Civic Life, the WV Community Development Hub, and a broad–and  growing–coalition of partners from nonprofit, philanthropic, governmental, educational, and faith-based organizations.  What’s Next, West Virginia? will be using the Meadow River Valley Initiative as a pilot program in our region.  The goal is to use the model for success developed by the Meadow River Valley Initiative an copy it across the region.



The West Virginia Community Development Model was developed over the course of several years as a result of research into why, despite substantial investments and development efforts, West Virginia’s communities continue to struggle, and why the State continues to rank near the bottom in so many quality of life measurements. The conclusion was that lack of improvement was due to a lack of consistency, alignment, and a lack of capacity at the community level to take advantage of resources and services. The Community Development Model was designed in response.  The WV HUB will be assisting the Meadow River Valley Initiative to create structure and strengthen capacity.